Preamble :

In Madhya Pradesh such land is available in vast areas, which is revenue land and being different from general public use by the residents of villages and cities, is separate from the forestland. The State Government has formulated this policy to make such available land useful, provide it to private companies, registered societies, institutions etc. for a forestation, Plantation and related procession and to make it available to the landless poor and weaker sections of society as per their requirement for converting it into arable land.


1.         Identification and Classification of Land :


1.1       The definition of non-forest wasteland shall be as under:

            "A non-forest wasteland is the land which is different from forestland and in which such revenue land is not included as is entered in revenue records for Nistar, Chote/Bade Jhad ka Jungle, land of agriculture account and for the population and is under utilization."


1.2       Far identification of non-forest wastelands a district level committee shall be       constituted in every district, as under:


1.         District Collector:          Chairman

2.         Chief Executive Officer, Zila Panchayat                         : Member

3.         Divisional Forest Officer (Social Forestry/General)                    : Member

4.         Deputy Director, Horticulture                                                    : Member

5.         Superintendent, Land Records                                      : Member

6.         District Manager, M.P. Agro Industries                         : Member

            Development Corporation                                                         : Member

7.         An Officer nominated by Collector                                            : Member

8.         Deputy Director, Agriculture                                                     : Member Secretary


1.3       The above Committee shall identify non-forest wastelands available in the district and collect information including details of the land and location along with the map.

1.4       The entire non-forest wasteland available in the district shall be classified into two categories:

Lands that cannot be converted into arable shall be placed in the first category while the lands which can be converted into arable shall be placed in the second category. Subsequently, district wise availability of suitable lands shall be assessed for investment in each category.

1.5       The information thus collected, shall be made available on the district's website by the district level committee. It shall also be sent to the Divisional Commissioner and the State Government and shall be maintained on the website of the nodal agency.


2. Land Allotment Proposal and Nodal Agency for Afforestation.


2.1       The Madhya Pradesh Agro Industries Development Corporation shall function as nodal agency for the examination of the land and project of non-forest wasteland.


2.2       The nodal agency shall prepare a database for the Land Bank in the district, on the basis of information received from the district level committee and other sources. The database would in clue the plots of land available under non-forest. wasteland and details of the availability and utility of the land for afforestation/plantation etc. would be given.


3.         Allotment of Land :


3.1       Land for private Investment


3.1.1    Any individual / registered institution / company may apply forallotment of land for the purpose of investment. The application would be submitted at the level of concerning District Collector.


3.1.2    The procedure of identified lands would be as follows :


            The following committee shall be authorized to allot up to 50 hectare of land at district level far investment :


1.         Minister in-Charge of district                                         : Chairman

2.         District Collector                                                           : Member

3.         Divisional Forest Officer (Social Forestry/General)        : Member

4.         Chief Executive Officer, Zila Panchayat             : Member

5.         General Manager, District Industries Center                   : Member

6.         District Manager, Madhya Pradesh Agro                       : Member

            Industries Development Corporation

7.         Deputy/Assistant Director, Horticulture              : Member

8.         Deputy Director, Horticulture                                        : Member Secretary


3.1.3    Allotment of above 50 hectares of land for private investment shall be made by the State Government.


3.1.4    The cases pertaining to allotment of over 50 hectares of land would be submitted to the concerning, District Collector, who would forward them to the State Level Project Clearance and Implementation Board with the examination note of the nodal agency. After this, the Board would consider the cases.


3.1.5  (a)          At district level the Collector shall prepare the allotment case far presentation before the district committee and the cases shall be presented.


          (b)          On receiving the recommendation for land allotment from the State Level Project Clearance and Implementation Board, the Government (Revenue Department) shall make the land allotment as per due procedure.


          (c)          District Committee, Status quo, on rejection of the case by the State Level Project clearance and implementation board, a view schemes may be submitted.

3.2       Land that can be converted into Arable.


3.2.1    The allotment of land that can be converted into arable (record category), which includes up to 2 meter deep raviner, may be done to every family subject to maximum 2 hectares.


3.2.2    The allotment of land shall be done by the competent authority only after obtaining the approval from the district level land allotment committee.


            3.2.3    Far this purpose the "Allotment Officer" as defined in para-1 (I) of number-3, section four Revenue Book of circulars shall be the competent authority.


            3.2.4    The under as priority far allotment shall be as under :

          (1)          Landless Farmer

          (2)          Landless person belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Schedule Tribes/The Other Backward Classes.

          (3)          Freedom Fitter

          (4)          Educated Unemployed Youth

          (5)          Ex-Serviceman

          (6)          Self-Help Group of Landless persons (Maximum 50 hectares at the rate of maximum 2.00 heacteres per landless member).


7.         Others


3.2.5    "Landless person" means a person who has been eriding in this state far at last 12 years and who has no land jointly with his family. Family includes only Husband, Wife, Minor son/ Minor daughter.


3.3       Format of Licence and patta :

            Licences and patta shall be given in the formatter as may be prescribed by the State Government.


4.         Annual Ground Rent :


4.1       Land allotment shall be done free of cont to the person mentioned in para 3.2.4.


4.2       Initially, the applicant / investor would be allotted far two years as per the prescribed conditions on free licence. The land shall be allotted on a lease of 30-years only after complete of the entire prescribed tanner. The ground sent of the land shall be payable on follows :-

            Period                                      :           Amount

            First Five Years                        :           Rs. 500/- per heactare

            Five to Ten years                      :           Rs. 1000/- per heactare

            Ten to thirty years                     :           Rs. 1500/- per heactare


4.3       Thirty percent amount of the ground rent shall be deposited in the fund of the concerning Gram Panchayat, 20 percent in the .account of the nodal agency and 30 percent in the Government exchequer.


5.         Lease Period :

            The non-forest wasteland would be allotted to the investor for private investment for a period of 30 years. On the expiry of this term the patta may be renewed with the permission of the State Government.


6.         Terms of Allotment :

            On addition to the general conditions mentioned in the Revenue Book of circular of other directives of the Government, there would be the following condition in the land allotment pattas :


(a)        The application shall submit the application for land allotment after preparing a project for development of the land to be allotted.


(b)        The project submitted would clearly mentioned as to which development works would be carried out on the land in first two years. The committee would approve the works expected to be done in two years and there works would be mentioned in the licence also. Further allotment of the land far a period of 30 years shall be considered only after completion of the works on the land allotted free on licence in first two years.


(c)        If the applicant/institution is found to have not utilized the land far the purpose in first two years far which the land as allotted, in that case, the licence shall be cancelled and the concerning shall be entued as Government land in the revenue records again and the possession of such land shall be withdrawn.


(d)        The applicant shall not do any winning work on the allotted land.


(e)        The allotted land can be transferred with prior permission of the State Government.


(f)         In case the land is used for some other purpose then the patta shall be cancelled with immediate effect after due hearing, the land shall be entered in the revenue record and its possession shall be withdrawn.


(g)        Installation of only relevant processing facilities shall be permitted on the allotted land.


(h)        The patta shall be issued only after due protection of the local visitor righter, so as to ensure that there is no clash between the investor and the local visitor requirements after the land allotment.


7.         Restrictions for allotment :


7.1       The land to be allotted shall not be within a reading of 10 km from the outer limit of the municipal corporation, and within a radius of 5 km. from the outer limit of Municipality/Nagar Panchayat.


7.2       If the land is not available in one piece, more than on piece of land can be allotted at separate place on the basis of availability.


8.         Exemption etc. for our Madhya Pradesh Krishi Jot Uchchatam Seema Adhiniyam 1960.


8.1       The land allotted for non-forest wasteland scheme under the notification issues on 2nd of December, 1994 under Section-3 (H) of the Madhya Pradesh Krishi Jot Uchchatam Seema Adhiniyam shall be exempt from the provision of the said Adhiniyam.


8.2       The investor allotted the non-forest wasteland on lease, shall be permitted to pledge the land subject to the condition prescribed by the State Government. The State Government can prescribed the condition separately.


9.         Recission :


            The directives issued for sevine land mentioned in the previously -------- policy for allotment of non-forest land in the State (Madhya Pradesh Government, Revenue Department's circular No. F-4-7/96-Seven-2A, dated 11/6/2002) and in section-4, No. 3 "A" of the Revenue Book of circulars stand hereby rescinded.


10.       This sanction is issued with the consent of the Finance Department wide letter 4.0 No. 622/four/B-5/06 dated 4-10-2006



                                                                                       In the Name and by the order of

                                                                                 The Government of Madhya Pradesh


                                                                                                       (Dr. Pukhraj Maroo)

                                                                                                         Principal Secretary,

                                                                                                         Government of M.P.

                                                                                                        Revenue Department